Albjerg’s Maskintec A/S is a family owned manufacturing plant, located in Stenstrup in beautiful surroundings on Southern Funen in Denmark.

Albjerg’s Maskintec was founded in 2006 as – a business the family ran in their spare time, doing sales and repairs of small agro-machinery produced in China.

July1st in 2009 the company changed their name to Albjerg’s Maskintec and the family continued their interest in pneumatic transport, with Peder Albjerg as sole owner. Pneumatic transport was no longer something for their free time but a full time job that turned their hobby into a career.

With 30 years of experience within the industry the company grew fast and two years later the company converted into A/S with Peder Albjerg as the CEO and majority shareholder and his sons Kenneth and Michael as co-shareholders.

On December 15th Albjerg’s Maskintec A/S bought the facilities on Gl. Sognevej, Stenstrup, Funen, which was formerly owned by BNM Stenstrup. All facilities are now gathered at one location and with a production area of 3300m2 we have optimal conditions to increase our production and provide our customer the best service possible.

Albjerg’s Maskintec A/S has a clear vision about beingone of the leading partners in the manufacturing and development of pneumatic transport systems!

With traditional systems and customized solutions it is our goal to provide the best and fastest service in the market today!