Blow through valves

Albjerg Rotary Valves are used for a series of purposes within pneumatic transport. Rotary Valves are, among other things used for transport of grain and feed, wood chips, wood pellets and shavings, leca, fertilizers and granulates, as well as products for the food industry. They are useful for mobile applications installed on trucks, containers, trailers, and for stationary systems mainly in the industrial sector.

Our rotary Valves are produced for different drives. Oil motor or gear are the most common applications.

Albjerg Rotary Valves are available in standard sizes or as flexible models, designed and produced in close cooperation with our customer. Standard models are available in cast iron, other models can be produced in various steel materials adapted for use by the customer.

Albjerg Rotary Valves are reliable and produced in materials of best quality.

Dimensional sketches of blow-through valves

Standard wing types

  1. Hardened steel wing
  2. Rotor Wing
  3. Rotor wing – chamfered top
  4. Rotor wing – chamfered all sides
  5. Vulkollan
  6. Vulkollan with scraper plate
  7. Rotor wing with end plate
  8. Wing of your choice

Customized Rotary valves

We can deliver Rotary valves customized for Your needs!

Valves are constructed and produced in-house and can be produced in steel og stainless variations.

Contact us today, if you are in need af a customized Rotary valve.